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A Model Regional Model

For Financial Advisor - Ensembles

Cetera is a community of people who care about one another and lift each other up—a characteristic readily demonstrated in our unique and robust regional model. It connects you with individuals and teams pursuing similar goals and overcoming the same challenges, so you can learn from, mentor, and support one another. You'll share knowledge, experiences, and resources through regular in-person meetings and plenty of ad-hoc, informal communications and gatherings.

Relationship Management Support

For Financial Advisor - Ensembles

In addition to the local support of your region, you'll be directly connected to the Cetera home office through your dedicated relationship manager. A specialist in the needs of ensembles and high-performing teams, your regional manager will ensure you have the breadth of Cetera's specialized teams at your disposal.

Home Office Resources

For Financial Advisor - Ensembles

Maintain your unique brand while efficiently plugging into services and resources specifically tailored to network organizations, including:

  • Technology designed for teams

  • Compliance oversight

  • Business and practice management consulting from specialists who focus on your business model

  • Support for growth initiatives like practice acquisitions, financial professional recruitment, and succession planning

  • Independent insights and model management from our in-house research team, Cetera Investment Management

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Account Assistance

If you are a client of a Cetera-affiliated financial professional and need assistance with an existing account, please reach out to your financial professional directly. If you’re unable to reach them, use our direct support lines listed below.

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